Hilaria Baldwin: personal life, struggles, family and controversies

Hilaria Baldwin is an American celebrity known for yoga, fitness programs, and her comedian husband, Alec Baldwin. She is the co-founder of a famous yoga studio and has appeared on many fitness shows. She has a net worth of 10 million dollars and is fairly successful in what she does.

Read along to know about her early career, love life, and everything else that brought her under the spotlight. We will also dive in a bit into her personal life, motherhood, and relationship with her husband, Alec Baldwin.

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Hilaria Baldwin

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Her family and education

Hilaria Baldwin was born in Boston on 6th January 1984. At birth, her name was Hillary Lynn Hayward-Thomas, but later she changed it to Hilaria. Her mother, Dr. Kathryn Hayward, practiced medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital as an associate physician. However, she retired from that position in 2012. Her father, David Thomas Jr, was an attorney general and founded the health organization called International Integrators with his wife. Hilaria Baldwin also has a brother named Jeremy Hayward-Thomas.

She completed her schooling at The Cambridge School of Weston in Massachusetts. From an early age, she started dancing and afterward learned flamenco, ballet, and gymnastics. Furthermore, she even became a vegetarian at the young age of five. No wonder she became a fitness expert later in life. She completed her college at New York University and majored in dance and art history.

How did Hilaria Baldwin get associated with yoga?

Hilaria Baldwin suffered from diseases like anorexia and bulimia since high school and even when she was dancing professionally in New York. The constant need to have a perfect body for her dancing career further affected her mental health. She was at least 20lbs underweight and, at the age of 20, had extremely brittle nails and hair fall problems. Consequently, her energy to work dropped, and she became desperate to get better.

Finally, she chose yoga to help her illness. However, her journey with yoga was not smooth, and she faced hardships in dealing with the disease. Skipping meals and not taking care of her body became part of her daily life. Sadly, her real fitness transformation came with an unfortunate event.

In the year 2009, she suffered a bad fall. That injury severed her leg from her hip, and she went through a tedious recovery process. The long recovery ultimately led her to take health seriously. She finally invested a lot of time in yoga and brought back the balance in her life that she felt was missing. In New York, she took training in yoga and soon began her career as a yoga instructor.

Her rise to stardom

She started yoga at the age of 20. Consequently, she went on to open a yoga studio called Yoga Vida along with Michael Patton in New York City. Later on, she opened her yoga studio in three more locations. They are Noho, DUMBO, and Tribeca.

After her marriage with Alec Baldwin, she started working as a correspondent for the show Extra. She continued working in Extra till 2019 and even received a Daytime Emmy award for her news program in 2014.

In 2013, she released her first fitness DVD called Home with Hilaria Baldwin: Fit Mommy to Be Prenatal Yoga. Even her husband Alec Baldwin makes an appearance in the bonus section of the DVD with his classic, hilarious jests. The DVD got quite some positive reviews and overall was a successful fitness video. Hilaria Baldwin was even called the Gwyneth Paltrow of New York by El País in 2014.

Hilaria Baldwin opens up as an author

In 2016 she released a book called The Living Clearly Method and opened a website of the same name to promote it. In the book, Hilaria Baldwin describes the one-on-one sessions with her students. Furthermore, she also talks about her relationship with her husband and goes beyond taboos to openly discuss her mental health.

The book goes deep into the decade long eating disorders of Hilaria along with her severe injury and struggles. She cumulates her life experiences as a mother, businesswoman, and celebrity to develop her method to maintain a balanced life.

She introduces five principles that are Perspective, Breathing, Grounding, Balance, and Letting Go. Accordingly, she exclaims that these simple methods will help anyone to form a strong connection between the body and mind. Additionally, it also contains a lot of plant based recipes and practical tools to maintain a healthy life inside and out. This book has a rating of 3.9 out of 5 in Goodreads and has gained quite some popularity. On Amazon, the book has a lot of positive reviews from the readers.

How did she feel after her sudden rise to fame?

In an interview with Refinery29 for their episode of Unstyled, she said the sudden fame was “traumatic.” Hilaria, even in her wildest dreams, never thought she would become such a popular figure. While she was giving yoga lessons, only her students knew who she was, and she was fine with it. But soon, she fell in love with comedian Alec Baldwin. They moved in together, and within a year, she got engaged and finally married Alec Baldwin. It was only after her marriage that she became the target of the paparazzi.

In the interview, she explained how difficult it was for her to deal with the situation. In spite of the state of affairs, she tried her best to use her reach for good. She started using her social media platforms to speak with hundreds of women. She usually interacted with mothers, women with body image issues. The topics she spoke about, for instance, were yoga, fitness, pregnancy, motherhood, women’s bodies, and wellness.

However, with more followers and fans, she also gained some critics who didn’t like her insight or advice. Despite the criticism, she said she would continue doing what she does. She said she is good at yoga and knows a lot about it. So, she is a yoga instructor and feels she should help people with her advice. Thus if some people don’t like it, they can follow someone else.

How did Hilaria and Alec Baldwin meet?

Hilaria Baldwin met Alec Baldwin( actor and comedian) at Pure Food and Wine restaurant in New York. Hilaria was spending time with her friends when Alec walked up to her, took her hand, and said, “I must know you.” Accordingly, they talked for a while, and Alec Baldwin gave her his card with his number in it. The meeting was indeed sudden. It was even reported that when Alec saw Hilaria with her friends, he felt compelled to introduce himself.

After their first meeting, Hilaria Baldwin hesitated to call him, but her friend helped her in that matter. The first time she called, Alec Baldwin was unable to pick up the call. When he called back, Hilaria could not respond. He later responded with a voice message, and soon they went on their first date.

In the beginning, She was a bit worried about their age gap. Back then, she was 27, and he, 53. However, she fell in love and age didn’t matter. They announced their engagement in 2012 and tied the knot two months later at New York City’s St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral.

Hilaria Baldwin on motherhood

She never expected she would become a mother of four children in a span of five years. Currently, she is the mommy of six children and says sometimes she feels like having more children in the future. She has two daughters Carmen Gabriela, 7 and half years old, and MaríaLucía Victoria, 3 months old. Her sons are Rafael Thomas, 6 years old, Leonardo Ángel Charles, 4 and half years old, Romeo Alejandro David, 3 years old, and Eduardo “Edu” Pao Lucas, 9 and half months old.

On mother’s day last month, she posted a picture of herself with all her children next to her. In the caption, she wrote a heartfelt caption. She said she loved her dear children along with her grandmother, her mother, her mother in law, her nieces, her girlfriend mothers, and everyone who got the chance to be a mother. She continued her post by saying she loved all the mothers who lost children, women who want to feel motherhood. Finally, she said, “being a mama is a title we take in.” She mentioned how she gets inspiration from all the mothers around her and is grateful for their presence.

Hilaria Baldwin and her cultural appropriation

In the month of December in 2020, a Twitter user said Hilaria Baldwin was “impersonating” a Spanish person. The user also added a number of video clips, she was faking the Spanish accent in the video. Following that tweet, a number of tweets appeared citing news articles that accused her. It was because she spoke in American accented English on most occasions.

Her agency’s website states she was born in Mallorca instead of Boston. And she is often mistaken as Spanish, Latina, or Mallorcan. In a podcast in 2020, Baldwin said she moved to New York when she was 19, and her parents lived in Spain.

However, her cousin, in an article from The Things, states Baldwin is not a single percent Spanish. Even her classmates claimed that Baldwin had paler skin and blonder hair before changing her name. In 2021 The Atlantic claimed Baldwin is an “Identity hoaxer.” Nonetheless, Hilaria Baldwin refuses such claims and stands by her personal beliefs.