Niece Waidhofer Age, height, Net worth, Instagram, Wiki and Lesser known facts

Niece Waidhofer was born in the year 1990 on 27th August and her birthplace is the United States. Her family details are not available in any of the networks even though she has parents and siblings of her own. She literally holds American nationality and is of mixed ethnicity. During school days she gave her best at her education and graduated well.

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Niece Waidhofer Age, height, Net worth, Instagram, Wiki and Lesser known facts

Real Name Niece Waidhofer
Date of Birth August 27, 1990, US
BirthPlace Houston, Texas, USA
Age 30 Years as of July 2021
Height 175 cm
Profession Actor, Model
Relationships Not Known
Net Worth $1M to $8M estimated
Nationality United States
Social Media Instagram – niecewaidhofer

Twitter – niecewaidhofer


Niece is basically a Model who is known as the “Bikini Model and Instagram Star”. Being a model she caught a lot of attention on Reddit in which she asked people to start a campaign about which she posted “Roast Me”. This literally made her get bad comments and went on backfired later. Due to this she deleted this account and made her scared about this. Then she got self-confidence and encouraged herself and to be a beautiful woman. Niece was covered in few magazines and several lifestyles. She even appeared on the big screen in the movies like “Project Aether” in the year 2011 and “The Legend of DarkHorse Country”


There is no confirmed information about her, even though there was a rumor she neglected that the news was not true. She did not post anything about her relationship status on any of her social media accounts.

Hobbies and Interest

Niece literally loves to post her pictures on her social media accounts with hot bikini poses. Moreover, she loves to shop labels from designers like “Décor”, “Milan”, and “Gucci”. Mostly she likes to Dance and Sing in her free time.

Niece Waidhofer Net Worth

In spite of being a model, she is more active on social media platforms which made her more famous. Her net worth will be $1 million to $8 million and her monthly earnings will be around 50000 USD to 70000 USD approximately.

Unknown Facts about Niece Waidhofer

  • A true fact about her is that she created an account on Instagram will be just for entertainment purposes but actually, it went on viral on all her posts.
  • Still, now she is single and not even dating a single person.
  • Niece got a share and sponsors for her fashion and lifestyle selfies on the Instagram post in her account.
  • One of her great ambition is to get the Oscar Award, so she is fully concentrated on her career and very focused on it.
  • Niece is always a fitness freak which made her often flaunt her stomach in many of her posts, which is fixed her heavy gaze look.
  • Her hair is dark brown but she likes to cover it with a blonde.
  • She is a professional in posing and also proved to be the rock in red lingerie at Instagram.

Bottom Line

All of her photos will be based on a model look and the flaunt stomach which she got. Moreover,  she got an official website of her own which created more attention in her and people started following her on all of her social media accounts.