Olivia Ponton Age, Net Worth, Family, and Relationships

Olivia Ponton has become a famous face these days. Are you a fan of Ponton? If yes, then do you want to know more about Olivia Ponton’s life? In this article, we will discuss all the critical facts of her life. Moreover, we will give info about her family, social media, popularity, career, and love life. So, keep on reading if you want to know more about Ponton’slife.

She is a well-known social media star and a YouTuber. Ponton has a huge following on various social media platforms. Along with this, she is a model as well. Olivia Ponton is a big Insta star. She posts modeling, lifestyle, fashion, and travel photos on her various accounts. Hence, Olivia has around 3.4 million followers on her verified Instagram account. She works as a model for big brands such as Wilhelmina USA. Olivia Ponton worked as a babysitter. Along with this, she worked for around two years as a hostess at Clew Bar.

Olivia Ponton

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Olivia Ponton Age, Height, Instagram, Wiki and Lesser known facts

Full Name Olivia Ponton
Nick Name Olivia
Date of Birth 30th May 2002
BirthPlace Naples, Florida, USA
Zodiac Sign Gemini
School Naples High School, Florida, USA
Hometown Naples, Florida, USA
Siblings A younger sister
Profession Famous social media star, model, YouTube

Olivia Ponton Bio

Religion Christian
Hair Color Brown
Ethnicity Mixed
Married Status not married yet
Height 172 cm
Weight 58 kg
Relationships Kio Cyr (Ex)
Net Worth $1M estimated
Nationality United States
Social Media Instagram – olivia.ponton

Youtube – here

Olivia Ponton’s Age and Early Life

Olivia Ponton was born in Naples, Florida, US. She spent her childhood in Florida with her parents and sister. Ponton’s father works in a library, and her mother is a housewife.

Also, Ponton likes to keep her family and love life quite personal. Therefore, she does not share many details about her family on social media. So, people know very little about her family members as well as her love life.

As she is 2002 born, she is just 19 years of age.

Olivia Ponton’s Education

Olivia Ponton studied at Naples High School. Since her childhood, she has been involved with creative activities such as dancing, fashion, and acting. Further, she is working hard to make her dream of becoming a big model and actress in the industry.

How does Olivia Look?

Olivia Ponton is a pretty woman who is just 19 years of age. At this young age, she has gained a lot of fame. She is a tall, slim, and pretty woman with a sexy figure. Her pretty blue eyes and blonde hair enhance her beauty even more. Her shoe size is 7.5, and her weight is 58 Kgs.

Olivia Ponton Net Worth

Social Media is a new normal today. Thus, social media icons earn large sums of money through various ways. Olivia Ponton is one of them too. She has a vast organic social media following. Due to this, she gets a lot of offers from brands to promote their products. Ponton also earns through affiliate links. Thus, the total net worth of Miss Ponton is around 1 million dollars. This income is majorly from her modeling, brand promotions, and affiliate links.

Olivia Ponton Career

  • Olivia is a famous YouTuber, social media star, and model. She started her Insta journey in 2016. Since then, her pictures and videos have caught people’s eyes. Her content is unique and eye catching. Thus, she has managed to gain so much fame in just five years.
  • Along with Insta, she creates content on other social media apps such as YouTube and TikTok. Ponton is quite famous on TikTok with a vast following there.
  • Olivia Ponton started posting on her Insta in June 2016. Since 2016, she has created lots of content on Insta. Her content ranges from modeling, beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and travel. Her regular updates and content quality played a great role in improving her reach. As a result, she has gained around 3.4 million followers on her Insta account.
  • Besides this, she has worked with big brands. These brands include Bazaar, Benefit Cosmetics, NUX, Urban Outfitters, Dolls Kill, Pretty Little Things, and Skywear.
  • Besides Insta, Olivia Ponton joined YouTube in 2020. She posts her daily life and travel vlogs on her YouTube channel. Today, she has around 150k followers on her YouTube channel.
  • Also, Ponton is a big star on TikTok. Here, her following has reached up to 5.7 million followers. Olivia Ponton has worked with some well-known brands through these social media accounts.

Olivia Ponton Love Life and Relationships

  • In 2020, Olivia Ponton dated Kio Cyr. He is a fellow media celebrity. However, the two are not together anymore.
  • Ponton and Cyr publicly broke up last year in June. After the breakup, Olivia Ponton took some time for herself. She wanted to explore her choices and sexual identity.
  • Olivia Ponton is bisexual. In an interview with Teen Vogue, the 19-years old social media star came out and revealed her sexual identity. However, her fans knew this for a long time. Even before the news, fans have been talking about her being a queer. She posts lot of references to the LGBTQ community in her videos and photos.
  • Moreover, Olivia said that the idea of different sexual identities was limited in Naples. But, she learned a lot about them after she moved to Los Angeles.
  • Also, Olivia Ponton credits TikTok as it helped her in sexual exploration. It exposed her to people from the queer community.
  • Olivia’s first coming out moment was when she shared her feelings and attraction towards Kaila. Miss Ponton shared these feelings with her best friend calling them emotional. Fortunately, her best friend was supportive. She helped her through the whole process of coming out.
  • The social media star got inspired by Jojo Siwa, the Gen-Z star. She declared her bisexuality last year. Although It was shocking for the fans. It was an inspiration for Ponton. She told her fans that speaking the truth was very crucial. It was important for her as well as for other such girls. Ponton also feels stuck in the same position.
  • At present, she is dating Kaila for the last 4 months.

Olivia Ponton and Bisexuality Struggle

  • Ponton told in the interviews about her sexual orientation in 2021. She believes that her coming out gives confidence to many young girls.
  • Just like everyone, Ponton faced the usual challenges too. Initially, she was afraid to go public about her sexual identity because of trolls. However, she overcame this fear. So, Olivia decided to announce her identity in an interview.
  • She also struggles with the opinion that queer women are less feminine. She has a feminine look. She follows a diverse set of Youtubers. It helped her to accept her sexual identity. Now, Olivia Ponton feels happy with her sexual choices.
  • She has also struggled a lot with biphobic thoughts, new identity, and fear of opinions. Some people also made fun of her coming out. However, she is so strong even at this small age. Now, she has a happy and loyal relation with her girlfriend Kaila.
  • Some people even called this relationship fake. Some accused her of intentionally creating a fake controversy to get more modeling opportunities. However, the rumors died with time.

Olivia Ponton Social Media

A beautiful face, hard work, and a sexy body are important to reach the heights of success in modeling. Olivia Ponton is one such example. She likes to spend her time creating TikTok videos. She has over 6 million followers and 400 million likes on her TikTok account. Miss Ponton is also a member of the TrillerCompound. Her YouTube channel has almost 200K subscribers. Olivia gained this huge following in just one year of her YouTube journey. Olivia Ponton. Social media has proved to be a lucky charm for Olivia Ponton.

Olivia Ponton works with big brands and companies. She promotes these brands on her Insta stories and videos. So, social media is her prime stream of income. However, Olivia Ponton has bigger dreams. She wants to get into full-fledged acting in the future. Olivia Ponton has posted around 140 videos on her Insta account. Not just this, her Insta account is verified. In a short period, she got a huge following on Insta.

Olivia Ponton and Success

Olivia Ponton has a sexy figure and an elegant dressing style. Her hot body and sober nature attract a large crowd. As a result, she has a huge following on her social media accounts. Her cheerful personality and sexy looks helped Olivia Ponton to transform into a public figure. The brands she had worked with have helped her to gain a lot of wealth at a very young age. She is a rising star and her popularity keeps growing at a very high pace.